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#1 Robotics Club in ONTARIO, Based In Richmond Hill

Making Futures Bright With STEM & Robotics

Silver Owl Robotics is a local robotics club in Richmond Hill that offers members of varying ages (Grades 3-12) comprehensive STEM education in the field of robotics and coding, while teaching transferable skill such as leadership, problem solving, communication, and more.

Professional Coaches

We only hire qualified coaches with years of experience in robotics to teach our members.

Strong Parent Relations

Ever since Silver Owl Robotics Club was established, we have always prioritized communicating with our members' parents to get their feedback and integrate them into the club community.


Silver Owl Robotics fosters a strong sense of community among its members

Join A Team. Learn. Compete

Silver Owl teams have consistently achieved first place in numerous VEX Robotics Competition tournaments. Silver Owl teams have won Provincials for 3 years in a row, becoming the best in Ontario. In addition, Silver Owl achieved first place in the 2024 Worlds Championship Innovate Division.


3150A provincial championship team picture

Why Silver Owl Teams Are the Best:

Intense Coaching System taught by mentors who’ve actually competed in VEX Robotics at the highest level. We take anyone, even complete beginners, and turn them into brilliant engineers.

Relentless Culture of Dedication– Our club emphasizes dedication and obsession. We really push our members to achieve their full potential. Silver Owl Robotics is all about high-performance and winning.

Great Environment – Quality over quantity: We don’t care about having more members and making money. We want quality members who want to learn, collaborate, and win in robotics.

Want to join a high-performing Vex team?

Member Stories

Silver Owl Robotics gave me the opportunity to learn the foundations of coding and engineering, as well as develop my teamwork and problem solving skills. These skills have been instrumental in getting accepted into my dream university Waterloo and surviving the demanding computer science program.
Nathan Janit
Waterloo Computer Science

During COVID, I had a hard time finding well structured and useful extra curriculars. Silver Owl Robotics changed the game for me. I was placed in a focused environment with like minded peers, all focused on making the best robot possible. I had a great time there, became Provincial champions with my team 3150A, and learned many skills. Silver Owl was instrumental to fleshing out my university applications with awards, and enabled me to enter the program of my choice.

Raymond Xia
UOttawa Computer Engineering

Benefits of Joining

University Icon


Most universities such as WaterlooU of T, and McMaster all require a supplementary application for programs such as Computer Science and Engineering. Being part of a high-performing robotics team will allow you or your child stand out from the competition.

Scholarship Icon


Many scholarships look for strong extracurriculars and well-roundedness in their applicants. Silver Owl Robotics is one of the best extracurriculars you can have, as not only does it involve engineering, but also competition and collaboration. Applying to scholarships could save a lot of tuition money in university. Silver Owl will also be able to provide a reference letter if you request one.

Real Experience

As a member of our elite Silver Owl teams, you will gain A LOT of practical engineering and computer science experience that you’ll never experience at school. We train members to become great problem-solvers and creative innovators. In addition, you will learn transferable soft skills that will be useful for the rest of your life. To compete at a high level in Vex robotics, one must become good at collaboration, leadership, time-management, and communication. These skills can be very valuable on portfolios and resumes.


VEX Robotics competitions bring the joy, excitement, and competitive nature of tournaments to engineering. Teams decisively win or lose based on the amount of work they’ve put into their robots. At Silver Owl Robotics, we have a fun and supportive environment where work is mixed with play. 

Here's What Our Members Are Saying

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DavidE “Mindstorms Ev3” Green
DavidE “Mindstorms Ev3” Green
As someone who has loved robotics and building for most of my life, I had a difficult time finding the right club to join. Every club I joined were poorly ran, did not have a good environment, and I was forcefully put on a team with bad teamates. Frustrated at everything, I left those clubs and joined Silver Owl Robotics. This club prioritized quality and winning over making money, and fast forward a year from now, my team won Vex Provincials and we became the best in Ontario. Silver Owl Robotics has a great environment and the founders do everything they can to ensure its members succeed.
Martin Yang
Martin Yang
Silver Owl Robotics was a great entry point for me into the fields of robotics and engineering. As someone who was fascinated by technology, I was introduced to the club by my friend. Although I had no prior robotics experience, with the help of great coaches and a support system, I was able to learn Vex Robotics quickly and become really good at it. I was put on 3150A, an extremely dedicated team with hard-working and intelligent members all working collectively to win Worlds. I have learned more about engineering, teamwork, and coding in Silver Owl Robotics than at school or in any other class. Highly Recommend!
Li Shi
Li Shi
Brandon Lin
Brandon Lin
Aaron Zhang
Aaron Zhang
Silver Owl VRC is amazing. At first, I was worried about joining as a beginner with almost zero experience, but upon joining, I was quickly taught and introduced to the amazing environment of people. I have learned a ton about the vex program and what it means to truly be an engineer. Additionally, the entry fee in relation to other clubs is fantastic, keeping in mind how much better this club is overall. I would highly recommend this club for anyone that may wish to pursue a career in engineering as well as those willing to try something new!
Antony Zhang
Antony Zhang
Honestly great club good rep in the cheaper end and doesn’t sacrifice quality
Magnet Marketing Digital
Magnet Marketing Digital
Signed up my child to this place and he's learnt so much! Definitely recommended

What We Do


VRC (VEX Robotics Competition) brings STEM skills to life!

VRC is for students from grades 6 to 12. Students join a team, build and program robots, and compete with teams all across Canada and the world. Robots compete in a game field in a 2v2 match, with the goal to outscore their opponents with their alliance partner. There are many tournaments throughout the year to participate in, eventually culminating in the Vex Worlds, where the best teams in the world compete.

More than 11,500 teams around the world compete in VRC. VRC is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to STEM, engineering, and computer science.

How It Works

New members who join fall into two types:


Experienced (Has done VEX Robotics for at least one season)

If you’re already experienced and decide to join, you’ll probably start off on a high-performing, experienced team. You should still attend part of our training program to make sure you have the proper foundation, as our lessons include insights and secrets that very few teams actually know.

Beginner (Has never participated in Vex Robotics or done robotics in their life)

If you’re an absolute beginner and feel VEX Robotics might be too challenging or that you don’t have any experience, do NOT worry! Our club is great at accommodating beginners through our extensive training program and high-quality coaching. After going through our training, you’ll probably start off on a learning team so you and your teammates can learn the foundation of Vex Robotics together before you move to advanced.

We are pretty lenient on which team you would like to be on, and listen to your opinion carefully when putting you on a team.

Training Program

1Basic building/tool usageBuilding Basic Robot
2Power toolsBuilding Basic Robot
3Advanced building techniquesBuilding/Refining Basic Robot
4Autodesk Fusion (CAD) basicsModelling parts
5Autodesk Fusion advancedModelling basic robot
6Autodesk Fusion advancedModelling basic robot
7Theory of Robotics Motion ControlN/A
8Anatomy of Autonomous ProgrammingN/A
9Anatomy of Autonomous ProgrammingProgramming an autonomous route
10Robotics Human OP control and Version ControlWriting OP control and practicing using version control

2024-2025 VRC Season Timeline

Club Teams

3150A Logo


Silver Owl's Elite Team. Members are extremely skilled, innovative, and work very fast. 3150A has won Provincials for 3 years in a row and won the 2024 Worlds Innovate Division Champions.

3150M Logo


Good team with a decent amount of skill and experience. Able to build good robots that could win competitions.

3150K Logo


Our middle school team. They are still learning, but aspire to perform to a high-level.

Future Teams Icon

Other teams

We are still in the process of sorting out the teams for next season.

Our Unique Methodology

At Silver Owl Robotics, we have one goal… Do robotics at the Highest Level. We want every member in our club to win tournament after tournament, award after award, and make it to the highest stage of Vex Robotics… Worlds. 

Our 3 pillars to success are:

  • An Intense Training Program
    • Organized lesson system that brings even complete beginners up to date with the foundation of build, design, and code.
    • Taught by world-class coaches who’ve been Provincial Champions for 2 years in a row. We know ins and outs and secrets to winning in VEX robotics
    • Extensive coaching to teams for robot design, programming, and game competition strategy
  • Relentless Culture of Dedication
    • To become the best in any field requires an insane amount of dedication. We want members who are obsessive and are intent on achieving their full potential.
    • We push our members to work as hard as possible and hold them accountable.
    • We are open everyday. Members can drop in at any time that we are open, and work for as long as they want.
    • Our coaches are extremely dedicated, are present for all opening hours, and are there to help you succeed in robotics.
  • Great Environment
    • Quality over quantity – We’d rather have less members and have a more organized club. We make sure every single team in our club has enough supplies for their robots, enough workspace, and is taken care of.
    • We form our teams carefully. We make sure our members are placed on teams where they can work the best. We also make sure each team has a clear structure, has proper meetings, tracks their progress, and so on… 

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