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The Executives

Image of Nathan Janit from SIlver Owl Robotics

Nathan Janit


I’m co-founded Silver Owl Robotics. I am the chief financial officer and manage the finances and paperwork of the company.



Image of Li Shi from SIlver Owl Robotics

Li Shi


I co-founded Silver Owl Robotics. My role is to manage the business as well as the club. I make sure the club is running smoothly and organized and we have the proper supplies and tools. Furthermore, I teach robot build and design, and mentor members from beginner to expert.

Martin Yang


I am the chief marketing officer and programming coach. I help develop marketing strategies with a strong focus on the internet, and mentor new and experienced members in the art of robotics programming. I also build and make changes to the website.



Image of Kian Kowsari from SIlver Owl Robotics

Kian Kowsari

Marketing & Web Development 

I am the web developer, graphic designer, and marketer. I helped build the website and manage the social media accounts of the business.


Our Story

In May 2021, a remarkable journey began with the inception of Silver Owl Robotics, a robotics club founded by two visionary individuals, Nathan Janit and Li Shi. Fueled by their shared passion for technology and innovation, the club set out to explore the limitless possibilities of robotics. From humble beginnings, Silver Owl Robotics quickly became a beacon of creativity and collaboration, attracting like-minded individuals eager to dive into the world of robotics. With Nathan’s expertise in coding and Li’s deep understanding of mechanical engineering, the club flourished, undertaking ambitious projects and competing in prestigious robotics competitions. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence propelled Silver Owl Robotics to new heights, earning them recognition as trailblazers in the field. Today, the club continues to inspire young minds, shaping the future of robotics and leaving an indelible mark on the world of technology.


Our Mission

At Silver Owl Robotics, our mission is to inspire and educate aspiring young students interested in STEM or robotics. As we expand our organization for the 2023-2024 year, we plan to include a wide variety of ways where students of different age ranges can join the club to participate in internationally scaled compeitions such as the Vex Robotics Competition (Grades 6-12), the Vex IQ Competition (elementary and middle school), and the First LEGO League (elemenatary and middle school). Moreover, Silver Owl Robotics provides a very practical environment where students are able to gain real world robotics/engineering experience. 

Our Vision

Silver Owl Robotics aims to create an environment that encourages members to think critically and use practical skill. With every season, we expand and improve our club further to accommodate an ever-growing community. We aim to make Silver Owl as well rounded as possible; having both educational and competitive sectors. We believe that by joining clubs like Silver Owl, students are gaining valuable and practical experience that could help them in their journey as a student, a STEM learner, or as an individual.

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