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FREE 2 Hour LEGO Robotics Workshop

The workshop will include interactive robotics activities, a fun 90 minute robotics coding activity, and a general overview of FIRST Lego League (FLL); a LEGO Robotics Competition that introduces science, technology, engineering, and math to children ages 8 and above through fun, exciting hands-on learning.

How FLL Breeds Creativity, Innovation, and STEM Skills Into Kids

The Problem With Traditional Education

STEM, Robotics, and Computer Science are the future. We are in the middle of the greatest technological revolution in the history of mankind. Computer science, AI, and robotics are changing the world at a rapid pace.

Traditional education systems are completely outdated. School curriculums are years behind the current industry, and do not teach kids the STEM skills and creativity needed to adapt to a constantly changing technological industry. 

After-school math and coding classes are also inadequate. Instead of inspiring kids to innovate, traditional education systems and after-school classes kill creativity and cause kids to lose interest in STEM due to their boring and forceful nature.

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DALL·E 2024-07-03 10.55.26 - A futuristic classroom filled with advanced technology where children are engaged in learning STEM subjects. The classroom features robotic arms assis

AI and ChatGPT are becoming more intelligent every day and replacing the workforce at a rapid pace. In his book, AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, Kai-Fu Lee addresses that “based on the current [2018] trends in technology advancement and adoption…within fifteen years, artificial intelligence will technically be able to replace around 40 to 50 percent of jobs in the United States” (Lee, 2018, p. 19).

With AI taking over, the only way to stand out is not traditional knowledge… but creativity and passion. Having a strong passion for STEM, as well as the creativity and imagination to innovate, is something AI will never replace.

The Solution

FLL (First Robotics League)… a Robotics Competition that makes STEM fun and engaging to kids, and breeds the creativity, collaboration skills, and competitiveness to thrive in the industry. FLL teaches kids robotics, building, programming, and most importantly the problem-solving skills of an well-rounded engineer. The best way to learn STEM is by building robots that fail, testing out new ideas, and constantly improving on designs. 

What is FLL?

First Robotics League (FLL) sparks excitement for STEM!

FLL is perfect for students in grades 4 to 7. In FLL, kids form teams to design, build, and program LEGO robots to complete fun challenges. These robots compete on a game field, earning points by solving missions. Teams take part in various tournaments throughout the year, leading up to the FLL World Festival, where top teams from around the world compete.

With over 35,000 teams worldwide, FLL allows kids to explore STEM, engineering, and computer science in a fun and exciting way that they can never experience in school classes. Join FLL to start a journey of creativity, innovation, and teamwork!

Our FLL Program

First, we’ll put your child onto a solid team with good chemistry. 

From there, we’ll teach them the foundation of Lego Robotics in our training program.  Our 8 week lesson system will bring your child up to speed with building and programming in EV3 Lego Robotics, even if they have no prior robotics experience. 

Afterwards, they’ll continue to get extensive coaching, and will work with their team to develop various robot designs throughout the season. 


Training Program

1What is robotics, introduction to lego partsBuilding Basic Robot
2Building techniquesBuilding Basic Robot
3Advanced building techniquesBuilding/refining Basic Robot
4Build lesson
5Basic programmingLine Following program
6Basic programmingP control in movement, Gyro following
7Intermediate programmingMy-blocks, P control in turning
8Advanced Programming

FLL Season Timeline

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