Training Program

What is the Training Program?

The Training Program at Silver Owl Robotics is a beginner-friendly robotics program that includes both education and competition. Members will start the season with a series of weekly lessons and will later transition into the competitive sector. The first round of lessons will be from May to June and the second round from September to November. The Training Program (and the Select Program) are available in the club’s VEX programs (VRC and VEX IQ).

What do you learn?


Learning how to construct robots and different robotics parts. 


Learning how to use the Fusion 360 Autodesk software to design.


Learning how to use C++ or other languages to code and program robots.

Soft Skills

Learning how to effectively communicate, collaborate, and take leadership. 

Lesson Structure

The first part of the lesson (~1 Hour) will be based on theory and basic concepts (slideshow), whereas the second part of the lesson (2+ Hours) will be a period of time where students will be able to apply the things they have learned in a hands-on approach. Example: during the hands-on time in a build lesson, students will be assigned a task to build a certain robotics part. 

Lesson structure diagram


The training program is for those with minimal or no robotics experience. Note that robotics experience in the VEX competition is preferred for the VRC program. The select program is for those with sufficient VEX robotics experience who are able to enter competitive teams without any prior lessons from the club. Those who are entering the select program (who are not previous members of the club) will have to be assessed by their skill and knowledge to ensure they are a good fit for the program. 

If we see that your skill has sufficiently improved throughout the season, you may certainly be promoted to the select program. In fact, this is not uncommon and has happened many times in the previous season.

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